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Niobium Two Turn Accelerator Energy Ring™ in Rainbow or Choice of Color Finish in Textured Niobium


Designer: Isidro Nilsson


This listing is for 1 (one) Niobium Energy Ring™. This is what I call the Accelerator Energy Ring™ made of pure niobium. I textured it with a hammer that I modified to give me this finish. I think this finish bring out the colors more vividly.

The colors are created using electricity. A specific voltage will create a corresponding specific thickness of niobium oxide. This niobium oxide is clear so there are no dyes or colors added to the metal. The colors we see are caused by the light interacting with this clear oxide. Like a prism.

The light waves/particles form a mathematical dance of reflection and refraction that ends in a specific visible frequency corresponding to the color we see. In short... it's magic.

As the oxide wears off in time, it will appear to change colors.  This will continue until the oxide is worn off in places of high friction and will look like the original color of niobium which is a platinum gray color. 

The black finish is oxide deposited by heat treating.  This finish is much thicker and therefore much more long lasting.

Niobium and niobium oxide is hypoallergenic.  Niobium is a pure element and contains no other alloys. 

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