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Niobium Bracelet - Heavy Gauge Element #41 - Mans Bracelet


Designer: Isidro Nilsson


This is the heaviest and strongest looking Classic Bracelet I make. I combined the same elegant lines of the Classic with a heavier more substantial look and feel.

Please give me your actual wrist size and I will create your perfect fit.

If the actual wrist size is not offered in the pull down menu, please let me know the actual wrist circumference. Either inches or centimeters will work fine. Please do not compensate for fit. that is my job and if you give me the actual wrist size. I will be able to make your bracelet a perfect fit.

Niobium. is Element number 41 in the periodic table. Hand forged from pure niobium and Blackened using an oxidizing process.

The process for this bracelet is quite involved. I start with Number 4 gauge pure niobium wire. I use 4 different hammers and a rawhide mallet to forge and shape the niobium wire to this smooth and elegant looking bracelet. To get the smooth finish, I use a hammer to remove hammer marks and end up with this smooth clean finish. 

I know, it does not seem logical to use a hammer to remove the hammer marks but that is precisely how it works.  I also create this same design with a hammered finish.  The look is quite different because it catches the light in such a different way.  Ask me if you are interested in this hammered finish.  Unfortunately I only made one and it sold before I took the time to photograph it.

The color is one of the finest touches that I have developed giving this bracelet its unique and mysterious look and feel. 

The natural color of niobium is very similar to platinum. Sort of a silvery gray color. A little darker than silver.

I developed a process that allows me to select from a very broad range of colors. Purely by accident, I discovered this incredibly deep black color. It looks like gun metal gray or the stone known as hematite. The finish is extremely hard and takes a great shine when buffed deeply.

This design which I call The Classic is hand forged to fit comfortably at the base of the wrist. This design is so comfortable and durable that it can be worn 24/7.

Please give me your actual wrist size and I will create your perfect fit. Allow 3 to 4 weeks for your bracelet to be started. To expedite your order for an additional 20%, please contact me.

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