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Niobium Moon Star Rainbow Ring Hand Forged


Designer: Isidro Nilsson


Something new from the Energy Rings collection. The One Turn Moon Star Energy Ring. This particular one is made from pure niobium and I used the controlled oxidizing process to give it the illusion of colors. The rainbow colors in this case.

I say the ILLUSION of color because the oxide buildup that is deposited on the surface is actually clear. Being clear, it acts like a prism and breaks up light to give us the colors we see. Each color represents a different thickness of the oxide.

The coloring on niobium is created by electrically oxidizing.  The oxide is clear so what we see is a refraction of light depending on how thick this clear oxide deposit is.  As the oxide wears off, it will appear to change colors.  This will continue until the oxide is worn off in places of high friction and will look like the original color of niobium which is a platinum gray color. 

The black finish is oxide deposited by heat treating.  This finish is much thicker and therefore much more long lasting. 

It is quite impossible to create two identically colored rings so each ring is going to be different. This one listed here has been sold and for reference it was a size 10.5 .

Niobium is a pure element. Number 41 in the periodic table. for more information on niobium and the coloring process I use, contact me.

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