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Niobium One Turn Accelerator Energy Ring™ With Rainbow Mock Pavé™ Finish


Designer: Isidro Nilsson


This is my new favorite texture. I made this textured ring by modifying an old hammer to give me this most interesting finish. After showing it at various shows, a common question was: "Is that a pavé ring?"

The finish actually does look very much like a pavé (diamond paved) surface when used on sterling silver. My wife came up with a great response to the question.

"Is that a pavé ring?".

"Not exactly. "It is a Mock Pavé™ finish.".

I think it is the perfect name since it describes the look perfectly.

So here it is. Now in pure niobium. The Mock Pavé™ One Turn Accelerator Energy Ring™ with the rainbow finish.

If you have  specific color or colors that you like, contact me and I will let you know the possibility.


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