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Which Finger? ~ Which Hand?

The following information may help you determine what finger you may want to wear your Energy Rings TM on.

Left Hand is the Implicit
~ Underlying History ~

Right Hand is the Explicit
~ Expressing in the Now ~ Reality as we Experience

  • Thumb ~ Body Level
  • Fore Finger ~ Consciousness
  • Middle Finger ~ Feelings
  • Ring Finger ~ Sub consciousness
  • Little Finger ~ Life Program

The Thumb is associated with the Sinuses, Ears, Kidney & Bladder, and the Lymph System.

The Fore Finger is associated with the Thalamus, Medulla Oblongata, Nervous System, Colon, and the Spinal Cord.

The Middle Finger is associated with the Limbic System, Brain, Kidneys, Pineal Gland, and the Lymph.

The Ring Finger is associated with the Hypothalamus, Reproductive Organs, and the entire Endocrine System.

The Little Finger is associated with the Chest, Mammary, Small Intestine, and the Heart.

Resource Box:

~Which Finger? ~ Which Hand? ~ by Isidro Nilsson ~

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