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The Energy-Ring ™ - What Is It?

The Energy-Ring ™
..... An Electro-Magnetic Device .....
Uses the Earth's Magnetic Energy to induce change
in Energy Fields by the Induction method.
Jewelry For Health and Beauty

Some Comments on the use of the Energy-Ring

The Energy-Ring is being used by Energy Healing practitioners from all walks of life. Many are Reiki Healers, Chakra Healers, Metaphysical Healers, and Energy Healers from various schools. But the most feedback has been from individuals who decided to try some of the more unconventional and new age forms of self healing or preventative medicine.

In this New Age of energy healing awareness, I have seen the Energy-Ring help a great number of people. Although I get letters from people who claim to have been helped with a number of diseases including Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, etc., I think this is a good place to point out that the Energy Ring is not intended to replace any medication or medical advice. If you are sick, please consult your doctor.

Where Physics Meets Metaphysics

The idea that Energy can heal, is not a new one. From shock therapy and milder forms of neural stimulation to the more esoteric and mystical energy emitted or directed by Energy Healers, energy healing has been with us a very long time.

The principal behind the Energy Rings is not new either. Based on physics (and fashion), the Energy Ring's unique construction enables it to function as an energy inducer, i.e. an inductor.

The Energy-Ring is simply a ring that is constructed in such a way that it forms a very efficient inductor. Hand forged from copper, sterling silver, 14K gold & 18K gold (definitely a fashion statement), the yin-yang shape gives The Energy-Ring a very natural beauty.

The Energy-Ring's construction, an air core induction coil, and function can best be explained by looking at our old high school physics book and reading about inductors. An inductor converts energy from one form to another. In specific, it converts fluctuating magnetic energy to electrical energy and electrical energy to magnetic energy. If we consider that the earth is one big fluctuating magnetic energy field, then it would follows that any inductor on the planet will be affected by it. This is to say, it will induce energy. The level of energy produced is very small. It is so small, that many consider it negligible, yet it is measurable.

Is the difference between Physics and Metaphysics a matter of degree? Should we simply disregard that which we cannot easily measure? Or should we admit that physics and metaphysics are not so far apart after all.

Things to consider

How much induced energy does it take to induce change?
Any amount.

How much change or fluctuation in magnetic energy will induce energy output from an inductor?
Any change.

How much change or fluctuation in magnetic energy occurs naturally on Earth?
More than previously thought. See article "Taking the Earth's Magnetic Pulse" in Scientific American, January 1999.

How little is too little and how much is enough?
The answer here is best summed up with another question and its answer.

How little is enough?

A good analogy is in the description of a device called a transistor used in electronics. A transistor is like a door or a valve that is closed, preventing the flow of energy that is trying to pass. When a very small amount of energy is applied to the correct part of this transistor, the door will open and the flow of energy will pass freely.

The beauty of this transistor principal is that it takes very little energy to allow the flow of a much larger amount of energy to pass. In fact, some transistor circuits can be arranged in such a way that any amount of energy, no matter how small, will allow the flow of a much larger amount of energy to flow.

I recall an incident that made an impression on me years ago. I was standing near a doorway in a church. The doors to the church were huge. They must have weighed several hundred pounds each. As I was looking at the incredible stained glass work of the windows, I was hit by one of these doors so hard that I nearly fell. When I took a look behind the door, much to my surprise, I saw that the culprit was a young child no more than 2 or 3 years old. All he did was lean on this door in an effort to stand up. In doing so, he started the door swinging. Here again, we have a very small amount of energy controlling a much greater one.

So, it would seem that in some cases, any amount of energy can make a difference in a big way. Like the transistor being energized by the tiniest pulse and enabling a much larger flow of energy, or the heavy door being swung open by a very small child, the Energy-Ring may be able to provide that bit of energy that allows a much larger energy to flow freely in our body.

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