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Niobium Bracelet in Black for Men and Women


Designer: Isidro Nilsson


Niobium. Element 41 in the periodic table. Remember chemistry and physics class?
I am calling this line of niobium jewelry "41 pure". Hand forged from pure niobium wire.

The final touch is the coloring process. The natural color of niobium is very similar to platinum. Sort of a silvery gray color. A little darker than silver.

I developed a process using a machine that I built allowing me to select from a very broad range of colors. Purely by accident, I discovered this incredibly cool color. It looks like gun metal gray the stone known as hematite.

There is no dyes or coloring pigments or agents used in the process. Only a controlled oxidation that creates this very strong oxide coat.

Most metal jewelry can be tumbled with stainless steel shot to bring out the shine and work harden it a bit. This tumbling process seems to have no affect on this niobium oxide finish so I use a series of abrasives to bring out the shine.

The final results is a very strong looking black color in a clean design that is forged to fit comfortably at the base of the wrist. This design is rated 24/7 comfort fit.

For a perfect fit.
Please provide me with your actual wrist size in circumference.

For a more substantial version of this classic design, Please see this listing:

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