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Niobium Rainbow Colored Hoop Earrings In Various Sizes


Designer: Isidro Nilsson - The Hammering Man


These pure niobium hoop earrings are available in various sizes and have a very easy to work yet secure sideways action clasp.

Niobium is a very interesting metal. It is a platinum-gray color in its natural state as I use it. It is ductile and can be forged much like gold or silver. It is element number 41 in the periodic table of elements.

The colors are created using a machine that I built. It is actually a form of controlled oxidation. By applying a variable voltage, I can create just about any color in the rainbow and these earrings show just that. A rainbow of color.

All coloring is unique and will vary from pair to pair. These images are a good representation of my rainbow design.

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