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Dragon Energy Ring™ in Rainbow Niobium


Designer: Isidro Nilsson


This Dragon Energy Ring™ is hand forged and textured in pure niobium and the vibrant colors are enhanced by the texture. The texture makes the colors last longer.

The coloring on niobium is created by electrically oxidizing.  The oxide is clear so what we see is a refraction of light depending on how thick this clear oxide deposit is.  As the oxide wears off, it will appear to change colors.  This will continue until the oxide is worn off in places of high friction and will look like the original color of niobium which is a platinum gray color. 

The black finish is oxide deposited by heat treating.  This finish is much thicker and therefore much more long lasting. 

This was such a fun project. I have sold out of these pictured here. The one you order will be made just for you in pure niobium. The colors are controlled by a machine I built and by imagination. Each one is unique. If you have any particulars suggestions that you would like to see in your own Dragon Ring, please let me know.  I am now playing with the contrasting eye colors. Notice some blue and some golden eyes in this Storm of Dragons.

This listing is just for one Dragon Energy Ring™ in pure rainbow colored niobium.

I can make your Dragon Energy Ring™ in any size you want.  I can also make them from gold, sterling silver, brass or pure copper like the second picture shown here. Let me know you preference and I will give you a quote. 


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