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Niobium Hoop Earrings - Rainbow Colors In Various Sizes


Designer: Isidro Nilsson


These hypoallergenic pure niobium hoop earrings are about one inch in diameter and have a very easy to work yet secure sideways action clasp.

Niobium is a very interesting metal. It is a platinum-gray color in its natural state as I use it. It is ductile and can be forged much like gold or silver. It is element number 41 in the periodic table of elements and it is the most hypoallergenic material I know of. Unlike stainless steel it is a pure element that does not contain any nickel, lead, cadmium or any of the other allergens.

The colors are created using a machine that I built. It is actually a form of controlled oxidation. By applying a variable voltage, I can create colors like you see on these earrings. there are no dyes or additives of any kind. In fact, there is no color as such. The niobium oxide that I grow on these earrings is actually clear. The colors we see are due to the refraction of light through varying thicknesses of the clear oxide. This is much like the colors we see created by a prism.

All coloring is unique and will vary from pair to pair. These images are a good representation of my rainbow design.  You may also request all one color.  Contact me for details of what is possible.

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