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Articulated Knuckle Ring In Sterling, Brass and Blackened Niobium


Designer: Isidro Nilsson


This articulated ring was made as a custom order. The ring consists of three parts and is joined as one by way of brass rivets that perform as hinges to give it the needed movement for complete comfort.

This ring was made not only to look cool but to function as a tool for breaking open boxes. the center piece is domed to accommodate the knuckle. As an added feature, a blackened niobium cap was riveted into the dome using brass rivets.

All hinge rivets are domed and buffed for comfort. the top three rivets holding the blackened niobium cap are slightly buffed to maintain a more aggressive edge and function.

To make you a ring like this one, I will need the following minimum information for a perfect fit.
1. Ring size for the finger you will be using the ring on.

2. Ring size known as half ring for the same finger. This is the ring size between the first and second joint.

3. Not as critical but helpful is the length of the finger.

You may also request a different metal such as copper, gold or brass.

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