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Niobium Bracelet With Rainbow Finish and a Light Mock Pavé ™ © Texture


Designer: Isidro Nilsson - The Hammering Man


This cuff bracelet is made of pure niobium. A hypoallergenic pure metal, element number 41 in the periodic table.

If you let me know your wrist size and how you like to wear your bracelet, either a loose fit like a bangle or a tighter fit (not too tight) like a cuff, I will do my best to accommodate your wishes.

When I say "bangle style", I mean that it is more round like a bangle but unlike a true bangle, it does not connect into a full circle. It still has a small gap similar to a cuff style.

The pictured bracelet will fit much like a bangle even though it has an opening like a cuff. The opening is quite small allowing it to fit even the smaller wrist sizes without falling off. Due to the forging process I put it through, it is springy and has very good memory. This allows the bracelet to be put on and off with very little effort.

If you like the cuff style better, it will fit a little closer to the wrist and will have the shape of the wrist instead of round like a bangle. Please let me know the style you prefer.

The finish is created with a hammer that I modified to give this Light Mock Pavé ™ © finish. I colored it by electrically oxidizing it in a rainbow of colors that catch the eye . The width is about 5.35 mm and it is signed on the inside with my name stamp.

I also make this design in a narrower version than the one pictured. It would be about 4 to 4.5 mm wide. You can select that width in the options pull down menu at the top of this listing.

The images shown here is the wide version measuring about 5.35 mm wide

Narrow style is about 4.25 mm wide.

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