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Pure Copper Classic Bracelet in the Heavier 4 gauge Copper with Two Magnets


Designer: Isidro Nilsson


The Classic is one of my favorite bracelet designs. I hand forge each one on anvils I made from old railroad spikes back in the mid 70s. I use a #4 gauge) pure copper wire for this one.

I also set the two neodymium magnets on the inside of the bracelet. They will be flush with the inside surface at the ends. This corresponds to the heart and lung meridians. The two magnets will also be oriented to that one is North and the other is South. This was at the advice of two different acupuncturist and the reason is to promote the efficiency what the magnets do.

For smaller sizes, you can get this bracelet in the 6 gauge pure copper here:

After 30 some years of cold forging precious metals, I have perfected this design. It is shaped to fit your wrist perfectly so there is no adjusting needed. Just give me your wrist size and I do the rest.

This very clean design is made to be worn at the base of the wrist. The curve just resting over the back of the hand. When worn in this fashion, it is so comfortable that after a few minutes, you don't even know you're wearing it. That is until someone points it out and says "Wow" ;)

Please provide me with an accurate wrist measurement so I can make your bracelet a perfect fit that can be worn all the time (24/7). I have been wearing mine for over 20 years and it still looks
and feels great.

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