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Set of 13 Penny Book Markers


Designer: Isidro Nilsson


A full Baker's Dozen penny book marks.

Perfect to put one in a thank you card or a card for any occasion.

This is a set of 13 bookmarks. They started out as pennies. The penny has to be dated 1981 or older because the newer pennies are actually made of zinc with a plating of copper. Not good for this purpose. Too soft and no memory.

I take a penny and roll it out on a rolling mill. Sort of like what you get when you put a penny on the railroad track and watch the train run over it. Not that I ever did that ;)

Then I put my signature stamp on it and bend it just off center to give a long and short end. That makes it easy to slip over a page.

This is a great gift item and if you want more than 13, just tell me how many you want and I will give you a price and delivery date.


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