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Zinc Bracelet with Pure Copper

Designer: Isidro Nilsson - The Hammering Man


This Overlay Bracelet is made of pure zinc (99.9%) and has a hammered pure copper piece captured in the center. The smooth zinc edges and the hammered copper in the middle creates a beautiful contrast of color and texture. For those interested in the therapeutic quality of zinc, this bracelet is zinc on the entire back surface.  

This style of bracelet is approximately 5/8 inch (15 to 16 mm) wide and is flexible enough to easily fit a range of wrist sizes. Select the actual size of your wrist for a perfect fir. Please do not compensate for comfort. I will do that based on your ACTUAL WRIST CIRCUMFERENCE.

This same design can be made in reverse with a copper base against the skin and Pure zinc overlay design in the center. Please contact me if you want the reversed style.

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