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Twisted Square Copper Bracelet

Designer: Isidro Nilsson


Hand forged copper bracelet made from #4 pure copper wire. This simple design is made by squaring the circle if you will. I took round wire and made it square wire. This work hardens the copper giving it the desired strength for this 24/7 bracelet.

For a perfect fit, please provide me with the actual wrist size.

I will need the actual circumference. Please do not compensate for a comfortable fit. That is what I will do based on the actual measurement you provide.

You will be able to wear it all the time 24/7 in total comfort.

You can measure the circumference of the wrist with a sewing tape or you can use a strip of paper and mark and measure it. If you want an easy way to measure your wrist or give you a good idea how to measure, you may want to take a look at this measuring tool.

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