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Niobium Rainbow Vortex Earrings 3 Inches - The Experience-

Designer: Isidro Nilsson


This pair has been sold. Yours will be very similar and unique.

The Experience
I learned to listen to that little voice inside. when I do, everything feels perfect and every hammer blow and gentle bend comes together as if it was some pre-ordained sequence of events.

I love it when that happens. When I listen, I get an enormous sense of joy with whatever I am creating. These earrings are one of those creations.

The ear wires are made of pure titanium. Also one of the reactive metals like niobium. The element Titanium is widely used in the medical industry for its hypoallergenic properties.

A signed original created in pure hypoallergenic niobium.

Niobium is an element with the symbol Nb and atomic number 41 in the periodic table. It is a rare metal who's name comes from Greek mythology: Niobe, daughter of Tantalus.

The unique coloring with the blending transitional areas is done with a coloring machine I built. The process I use gives me the ability to create a color gradation that is virtually unlimited and
Infinite within a selected range.

Rainbow Vortex Earrings:
This is my first pair of Rainbow Vortex Earrings in niobium. Three inches long. The color ranges from a metallic blue at the base blending into the purple, lavender, gold, golden green and finally a light green to a white gold color.

The colors that we see are not the colors of the metal. The oxide I build on the niobium is clear so what we are seeing is the light wave's behavior as they bounce off or go through this clear oxide barrier. The light waves form a mathematical dance of reflection and refraction that ends in the specific frequency corresponding to the color we see. So it is the very uniform thickness of this clear niobium oxide that determines what colors we perceive. In short, its magic.

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