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Blackened Niobium Four Turn Vortex Energy Ring™

Designer: Isidro Nilsson


Niobium 4 Turn Vortex Energy Ring™, Blackened.

Size 5 is ready to ship. Other sizes, please allow one to two weeks. For your reference, the ring pictured here is a 12 gauge ring in a size 11

Pure Niobium 4 Turn Vortex Energy Ring™. This ring is the flagship design of my Energy Rings™ Signature Collection.

So now you may be wondering, "What is niobium and what is an Energy Ring™?". Well, let me tell you.

Niobium is a pure metal element. Atomic number 41 in the periodic table. Much like silver (number 47) and gold (number 79), it is considered rare and is valued somewhere between gold and silver.

Not many work with niobium in the jewelry industry. Especially when it comes to the heavier gauges like this ring. Probably because it has some properties that do not lend themselves to the traditional jewelry making techniques. For one, niobium cannot be soldered. To join pieces of niobium, cold techniques such as riveting, nuts and bolts, adhesives or special settings are required.

On the bright side, niobium can be colored by building an oxide coating using electricity and other means.

The Energy Ring™ is an invention of mine inspired by Nikola Tesla. In essence, it is a coil of wire that produces a subtle pulse of energy every time the earth's magnetic pulse fluctuates and this is pretty much all the time. I believe It can help to synchronize the body's energy with the pulse of Mother Earth. A sort of sympathetic alignment. This may be why most people that sense this subtle energy claim it to be calming or grounding.

The ability of the Energy Ring™ to convert the earth's magnetic energy to electrical pulses is achieved through the physics principle of inductance. The inductance of any coil can be measured and the unit of measure is called the microhenry.

You can determine the amount of inductance in your Energy Ring™ by using a formula. Using this formula, I created a simple calculator to allow you to determine the approximate inductance of your Energy Ring™.

Here is that link to the Energy Ring™ Inductance Calculator to determine your Energy Ring's™ subtle energy output measured in microhenrys.

This Energy Ring™ design, the Four Turn Vortex, is my favorite. It combines two designs, the Wave and the Vortex, into one ring. Having 4 turns makes this the most powerful Energy Ring™ of all the designs I make.

I have a size 5 available and ready to ship at this time. These rings are made of 12 gauge pure niobium. For larger sizes (12 or above) I have used 10 gauge for a more substantial look and feel.

I will make your Energy Ring™ in any size you want. Please indicate the size and gauge from the options menu when you order.

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