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Love Knot Ring in 16 gauge Sterling Silver - Single Celtic Design

Designer: Isidro Nilsson


This knot ring is a bit more substantial than most. I use 16 gauge which is heavier than the more commonly used smaller 18 gauge.

I will make this ring in any size. Please indicate your desired size even if it is bigger or smaller than the listed options.

If you want a heavier ring, I can make it out of 14 gauge which makes a pretty healthy ring. I recommend this one for rings that are around size 10 or above although it looks quite good in smaller sizes as well.

To order the 14 gauge, see this link or ask me to point you in the right direction. The price is $21 for the 14 gauge.

If you take a look at the last picture on this listing, you can see a good comparison of the different gauges that I use. I can make this design all the way up to 10 gauge for that real chunky look.

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