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Energy Ring™ Two Turn Vortex Energy Ring ™ in 12 gauge Sterling Silver

Designer: Isidro Nilsson


Tesla inspired Energy Ring™. This is my Two Turn Vortex Energy Ring™ . It is the original design of the Energy Rings™ collection. A beautifully executed vortex that is often referred to as a Yin Yang design.

Made of 12 gauge sterling silver and in any size you want. This gauge is best for rings smaller than a size 10.

For sizes 10 or above, you may want to order the larger 10 gauge version of this ring. The 10 gauge looks good down to a size 8 or so.

Link to the 10 gauge Energy Ring™ :

Why I call my invention "The Energy Rings™ "?

I came up with this concept many years ago when I was reading a book written by and on the life and inventions of Nikola Tesla. In short, what I learned is that every coil on the planet will generate an electrical signal. The source of this electrical signal is the earth's magnetic pulse.

In a coil the size of my Energy Rings™ , the energy converted is very subtle yet it can be measured using sensitive equipment. Many sensitive people can feel this energy.

The most common response I get is that wearing the Energy Ring™ is calming and/or grounding. My theory is that the body's energy field becomes synchronized with the energy of the earth. Hence the feeling of being more grounded or in harmony with the earth's energy.

I would love to get your feedback.

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