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Copper Ring Pure Copper Therapeutic Ring Band

Designer: Isidro Nilsson


This ring is just over 3mm wide and made of pure copper round wire. I started this rings as a custom order. The request was to make a band out of 8 gauge pure copper and to keep the roundness of the wire on the inside as much as possible.

I also added an even heavier version of this ring. It is made from 6 gauge which is about 4mm thick. If you want this version, you can select it as an option. The price will change from $35 to $42 when you select the 6 gauge. Please keep in mind that the 6 gauge is thicker than the 8 gauge.

This is a bit different than the traditional half round wire which would result in a flat surface on the inside. At first I was not sure how it would feel to have such a heavy gauge wire ring without the flat inside surface. As it turned out, it is quite comfortable and I decided to offer it as part of my copper line. The inside is just slightly flat so the majority of the roundness is maintained.

Although I take great care in making good solder joints, you may still notice the thin line of solder that I use on these bands. To Further reduce the conspicuousness of the solder joint, I use 14k gold solder which more closely matches the color of the pure copper band and in addition, it is less likely to cause any allergic reaction to those who are sensitive to silver or silver solder.

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