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12 Rivet Ring in Copper and Sterling

Designer: Isidro Nilsson


A pure copper band machined with a comfort fit.  I machine this band from solid copper rod so it gives me a band with no silver solder seam. 

I made a tool that helps me locate the 12 rivets around the band with a very precise equal distance between them.  After marking the rivet locations I drill each hole and chamfer the edges.  The chamfer allows the rivet wire to expand at both top and bottom so that the ends are bigger than the hole.  This insures that the rivet will not come out.

The bottom of the rivets are made flush with the inside of the band to maintain the comfort fit.  The top of the rivets are allowed to protrude slightly and then rounded off so there are no edges to content with.  The look is beautiful and the feel is remarkably gentle. 


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