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Twin Peaks Ring in Solid 14k Gold


Designer: Isidro Nilsson


The Twin Peaks Ring came about from that old TV series, Twin Peaks. It can be seen about 8 minutes into the 24th episode as Windom Earle begins to play the shakuhachi (a Japanese end blown flute).

I have been informed that this is a traditional Celtic design. I don't know what possessed me. Perhaps because I make and play the shakuhachi I was compelled to make one of these rings. I pushed the pause button on the video and studied the closeup of the hand wearing the ring. I drew it and then I made it.

This ring has one solder joint so I want to point out that I only use CADMIUM FREE solder (no cadmium) for all my soldering. This requires a little more skill in the soldering process but the health benefits are much too important to ignore.

If you want more information on this ring. contact me with your questions.

This one size 9 has been sold, however, I will make yours in any size you want. Please specify the size when you purchase or contact me.

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