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Tesla Inspired Silver, 14k Yellow Gold and Copper Vortex Energy Ring™.


Designer: Isidro Nilsson


The 4 Turn Vortex Energy Ring™ is the most powerful ring in the Energy Rings™ collection. It is a coil of four turns. In the center is my hallmark Vortex design with a wave flowing on either side. One wave is made of sterling silver and makes a smooth transition into the 14k gold of the central vortex. The other end of the vortex then flows into the pure copper wave on the other side.

My Energy Rings™ have inductance due to their coil construction design. If this ring were made in a size 8.5, it would have an approximate inductance value of 0.29 microhenries. Now you may be asking "what is a microhenry and what does it all mean?". Well here it is.

Microhenries are a unit of measure used in electronics to indicate the inductance of a coil. This is the concept Nikola Tesla was working on as a means to provide free energy to the world. It all ended abruptly when J.P. Morgan, who was financing the project pulled the plug because there was no place to put the meter.

How it works. The short version. Any coil on the planet reacts with the Earth's magnetic pulses and generates an electrical signal. In a coil as small as this Energy Ring™, the output is extremely subtle yet measurable. Some people are sensitive to these subtle energies and can actually feel it. The majority of these sensitives report a calming or grounding effect.

Not what I originally expected but in a way it makes sense. I think wearing a coil such as my Energy Rings™ can synchronize the earth's energy to the body's energy acting in a harmonizing way to balance the energies and create this calming or grounding sensation.

Much like a pace maker provides a steady trigger to keep the heart working harmoniously. The earth has a magnetic pulse and it reacts with the Energy Ring™ giving off a very subtle pulse of energy in harmony with the earth's magnetic pulse.

OK. Back to this Energy Ring™. For many years, I have been making this design in a single metal only. Mostly gold, silver, brass, copper and most recently niobium. I recently had a request for an ayurvedic Tri-Metal Ring. This got me thinking about how cool it would look if I could combine the three metals in this 4 Turn Vortex Energy Ring™ design.

This is what I did. I silver soldered a pure copper wire to the end of a 14K gold wire and then a sterling silver wire to the other end of the 14k gold wire wire. I then cleaned and finished this newly made tri-metal wire and forged it into this Four Turn Vortex Energy Ring™ as I usually do with the single metal design.

This design can be made in any size. For sizes larger than 10, please contact me for a quote as I may be using a larger diameter wire for the larger sizes.

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