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Winged Two Turn Vortex Energy Ring in Pure Copper


Designer: Isidro Nilsson


This two turn vortex design has a set of wings that wrap around the vortex in the center. This is my newest design of the Energy Rings Collection. this one is made of pure copper. I can also make yours in Sterling silver, 14k gold or pure niobium. Ask me for pricing on different metals.

Why I call my invention "The Energy Ring"?

I came up with this concept many years ago when I was reading a book written by and on the life and inventions of Nikola Tesla. In short, what I learned is that every coil on the planet will generate an electrical signal. The source of this electrical signal is the earth's magnetic pulse.

In a coil the size of my Energy Rings, the energy converted is very subtle yet it can be measured using sensitive equipment. Many sensitive people can feel this energy.

The most common response I get is that wearing the Energy Ring is calming and/or grounding. My theory is that the body's energy field becomes synchronized with the energy of the earth. Hence the feeling of being more grounded or in harmony with the earth's energy.

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