Dragon Energy Ring™ in Rainbow Niobium


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This Dragon Energy Ring™ is hand forged and textured in pure niobium and the vibrant colors are enhanced by the texture.

This was such a fun project. I have sold out of these pictured here. The one you order will be made just for you in pure niobium. The colors are controlled by a machine I built and by imagination. Each one is unique. If you have any particulars suggestions that you would like to see in your own Dragon Ring, please let me know.  I am now playing with the contrasting eye colors. Notice some blue and some golden eyes in this Storm of Dragons.

This listing is just for one Dragon Energy Ring™ in pure rainbow colored niobium.

I can make your Dragon Energy Ring™ in any size you want.  I can also make them from gold, sterling silver, brass or pure copper like the second picture shown here. Let me know you preference and I will give you a quote.